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        Top Videos

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        University of San Diego 14 hours ago

        Professors Mail Lab Kits to Remedy Remote Learning Challenges for Students

        Investigative Unit 3 hours ago

        SFFD Probe: Firefighter Death Plunge Came After He ‘Inadvertently' Opened Water Valve

        California 13 hours ago

        Players, Parents, Coaches Rally to Remove Restrictions on Youth Sports

        U.S. & World

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        Supreme Court 14 hours ago

        Five Things to Know About Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

        hurricane delta 15 hours ago

        Delta Adds Insult to Injury in Hurricane-Ravaged Louisiana

        Decision 2020 14 hours ago

        Specter of Election Chaos Raises Questions on Military Role


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        Saturday Night Live 1 hour ago

        ‘Saturday Night Live' Addresses Pence's Debate Fly as Bill Burr Hosts

        John Lennon 10 hours ago

        Sean Ono Lennon on Remixing Father's Music: It Was Therapy

        Paris Hilton 10 hours ago

        Paris Hilton Protest Calls for Closure of Utah School


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        sports 15 hours ago

        Just 19, Ranked 54th, Swiatek Wins French Open for 1st Slam

        NBA 15 hours ago

        Lakers Coach Promises ‘Better Performance' in Game 6

        Los Angeles Lakers Oct 10

        King James Scores 40, but a Lakers Coronation Has to Wait

        Coronavirus Pandemic

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        Riverside County Oct 9

        Health Officials Ask Riverside County Residents to Get Tested for COVID-19

        Fact Check 14 hours ago

        Fact Check: Debate Week's Twisted Tales on Virus, Climate

        coronavirus 13 hours ago

        White House Virus Aid Offer Is Panned by Pelosi, Senate GOP

        Decision 2020

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        Decision 2020 Oct 10

        Your Vote Counts: Electoral College

        Decision 2020 Oct 7

        When and Where You Can Cast Your Ballot Before Election Day in Southern California

        Decision 2020 Oct 7

        FAQ: What to Know About Vote-by-Mail Ballots in California


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        homeless 15 hours ago

        Homeless Encampment Fires Not Unusual in Venice

        Decision 2020 15 hours ago

        Multiple Ballots Mailed to Voter

        coronavirus Oct 10

        Pandemic Leads to Soda and Beer Shortage

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