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        Deals & Steals 14 mins ago

        Treat Your Muscles With This Massage Device

        Many of us struggle with aches, pains, and sore muscles after a hard workout. “California Live’s” shopping expert Genevieve Gorder tells us all about ReAthlete—a percussive massager that will loosen y...

        • Fashion May 5

          A Fashion Show for Women of all Ages

          “California Live’s” very own Lawrence Zarian takes us through his sparkle-inspired clothing line, CAxLZ. We get to visit his home to get a look at his new sequin collection—which can be dressed up or down for women of all shapes and ages. From an elegant a-line dress to a t-shirt perfect with jeans, there is something here to make every...
        • Cinco de Mayo May 5

          Cinco de Mayo's All-Female Mariachi Band

          Happy Cinco de Mayo! To get in the spirit, “California Live” visits Alta Baja Market—a one stop shop that features Mexican fanfare (from cookbooks to cooking classes) sourced from California, the Southwest, and Mexico. Watch and join our celebration with a toast from the michelada bar and an all-female mariachi band performance.

        • Cinco de Mayo May 5

          Mario Lopez Has Something to Say to Healthcare Workers

          “California Live” catches up with our friend Mario Lopez on his new campaign with Modelo. He shares why he decided to be a part of recognizing healthcare heroes on the frontline. Plus, we hear about why he thinks “Access Hollywood” is going on 25 years strong and why his love for entertainment will always run deep.

        • Deals & Steals May 5

          Do You Portion Control Your Drinking?

          One of the main ways empty calories make their way into our bodies is through the liquid form; think juice, wine, or beer. Livigla is a system that helps you portion control the liquids in your diet so you can do more mindful drinking, have a solid understanding of your intake, and easily drink less calories. Get 30% off sets......
        • Mother's Day May 4

          Best Gifts for the Millennial Mom

          If you’re in need of a gift for a millennial mom, Milly Almodovar has you covered. As a millennial mom herself she stays ahead of fashion, fitness, and beauty trends. “California Live” gets the scoop on her curated (and affordable) gift lineup for Mother’s Day. We especially love the Mamitas, a tequila and soda water canned beverage with only 95......
        • Deals & Steals May 3

          Stop Throwing Your Food Away, Use This

          It never feels good to throw out food that’s gone bad; it’s a waste of money and a waste of nutrients. Luckily, PrepSealer is an innovative food storage system that comes with an easy-to-use vacuum that extracts the air making your food last 4 times longer. Plus, it’s a sustainable and BPA-free product. Get 25-30% off on...www.adeals.com..........S...
        • Mother's Day May 4

          Need Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

          All moms love anything that can make their busy multitasking days a little bit easier. For this Mother’s Day “California Live” talks to product guru Jenn Jolly on giving mom the gift of high tech. Jolly takes us through some great gifting ideas including an unbreakable laptop, a robot cleaner, and more tech goodies.

        • Social Good May 3

          This Mother's Day Surprise Will Warm Your Heart

          Shawna is a mother who thinks she is meeting “California Live” for a Mother’s Day interview. Instead, she is about to be surprised with an entirely new curated wardrobe with clothes and jewelry from around the world. Hear how the Giving Closet is helping victims of domestic abuse and Shawna’s personal message on the importance of asking for......
        • Social Good May 3

          ‘Wardrobe Boosts' Help Women in Need

          Going shopping to get that “new look” can help in boosting our self-confidence, but many women can’t afford such a luxury. The Giving Closet donates recycled clothing to mothers who have faced challenges so they can feel good about themselves. “California Live” talks to Sam Russell, Hollywood fashion stylist, who has a surprise in store for a mothe...
        • Celebrities May 3

          Kelly Rowland on Her New Baby Boy

          “California Live’s” Danielle Nottingham is in a great mood today. She gets to interview one of her favorite celebrities Kelly Rowland, the singer famously known from Destiny’s Child. We talk to Rowland about why she chose to be the face of a new Dawn campaign. She also shares what life is like with her new 3-month-old baby boy and the...
        • foodie May 1

          Wolfgang Puck's New Sunset Strip Restaurant

          Located in the new luxurious Pendry Hotel, Ospero serves Italian-inspired cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. “California Live” meets up with the chef of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant to hear about the food philosophy and Sunset Strip culture. We even get to try Puck’s grandmother’s cheese ravioli which features hazelnuts, sage, and brown but...
        • health & fitness May 1

          Shed the Quarantine 15 Fast

          Our friend Dr. Ian Smith talks to “California Live” about his new book “Fast Burn, The Power of Negative Energy Balance.” He takes us through his 9-week program that includes affordable accessible food options. “The beauty of the plan is that it really is easy to do,” he says. Learn how Smith’s program hacks the body’s energy balance so it......
        • foodie May 1

          How True Italian Espresso Is Made

          There’s something extra special about the espresso you can find in Italy. “California Live” visits the Mr. Espresso headquarters in Oakland to learn about its Italian family-run business that stays true to its roots. Ross Thomas gets the tour of the production room to learn about how slow roasting beans with wood brings incredible flavor and aroma ...
        • Outdoor Fun Apr 30

          Have You Ever Ridden a Bike on Water?

          A relaxing bike ride brings many health benefits to your mind and body. Now you can combine that feeling with being on the open blue waters while pedaling on a water bike. “California Live” meets with Schiller Bikes to learn about this fun new fitness trend. Watch to see Malou Nubla hit the bay and discover her new favorite workout.

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