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        The Challenge

        Take The Challenge

        Ready to win big? It’s easy to play The Challenge.

        NBCUniversal, Inc.

        Here we go again! 

        Season 15 of The Challenge is underway. Same great show. More great prizes.

        Click HERE to Play The Challenge

        Fred Roggin and Petros Papadakis are back for Southern California’s favorite postgame show. Right after Sunday Night Football, The Challenge brings you football with a flair.

        Rams, Chargers, prep football and plenty of chances to win.

        Grand prize this year is $5,000 dollars! First you have to register. Then, just try and you can win. 

        We’re also giving away Westinghouse TVs, custom VANS for your whole family plus gift cards for Barbeques Galore and Chef Merito.

        Check out the video to learn out to play. Then join us after Sunday Night Football for The Challenge.

        Contact Us 246免费·天下彩